About TBA

Who We Are and What We Do

Turkish Bankers Association (TBA), established in December 1990, is a non-profit organisation and the representative of Turkish professionals working in the financial services in the UK.

TBA is thoroughly funded through our individual and corporate membership fees. Its main objective is to create a strong bond among Turkish professionals in the City. It aims to establish such strong ties among members by promoting social, cultural, economical and business related events.

TBA also organises lectures and seminars as well as presentations from leading professionals in their field. For the past 7 years TBA also actively endorsed and promoted all Turkey-related summits and conferences in finance, accountancy and commodity trading fields.

TBA, in addition to those objectives above, aims for increasing the awareness of investment banks and other financial institutions as to highly qualified Turkish professionals working and living in the UK.

Current Board Members

Chairman: Caglar Karatas, Chairman@TurkishBankers.org
Vice Chairman & President: Deniz Canlısoy, ViceChairman@TurkishBankers.org
Secretary General: Serdar Yildizhan
Treasury: Jonathan Kent
Membership Secretary: Aras Guvenc
Board Member: Sezgin Pamuk
Board Member: Basak Barcin

Previous Board Members

2012 – 2014: Caglar Karatas(President), Haslet Tayyareci(VP), Okan Caglayan, Attila Cetin, Jonathan Kent, Gokalp Oder, Firat Erel

2010 – 2012: Caglar Karatas(President), Haslet Tayyareci(VP), Onur Guven, Okan Caglayan, Fatos Akbay, Yavuz Macun, Jonathan Kent

2009 – 2010: Caglar Karatas(President), Onur Guven(VP), Haslet Tayyareci, Okan Caglayan, Fatos Akbay, Yavuz Macun, Jonathan Kent

2008 – 2009: Caglar Karatas(President), Yavuz Macun(VP), Okan Caglayan, Haslet Tayyareci, Onur Guven, Jonathan Kent, Fatos Akbay

2007 – 2008: Hakki Arslan(President), Cigdem Beykoylu(VP), Serkan Gunal, Gokcen Erdem, Jonathan Kent, Sinan Kutlu, Sevil Yildirim

2006 – 2007: Sevki Acuner (President), Hakki Arslan(VP), Sanem Teoman, M.Ozgur Altan, Tanju Yorulmazer, Deniz Erzeybek, Nuran Akdemir, Serkan Gunal

2005 – 2006: Sevki Acuner (President), M.Kemal Sahin(VP), Cigdem Beykoylu, Aylin Eroglu, Tanju Yorulmazer, Riza Kadilar, Emre Mimaroglu, Betul Isik, M Ozgur Altan

2004 – 2005: Sevki Acuner (President), Zinnur Koc(VP), M.Kemal Sahin, Serkan Gunal, Cigdem Beykoylu, Betul Isik, Sinan Kutlu, Aylin Eroglu, Baris Guven

2003 – 2004: Sevki Acuner (President), Izzet Suner(VP), M.Kemal Sahin, Serkan Gunal, Zinnur Koc, Zeynep Topel, Ozgur Baykal