TBA partners with the Annual Regional Iron & Steel Investment Summit. Special offer for TBA Members!

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The board proudly announces that TBA is in partnership with the Annual Regional Iron & Steel Investment Summit, which will take place in Istanbul on 25th and 26th January 2012.

The Summit offers a unique opportunity to meet and network with the influential decision makers and offers huge opportunities to invest/trade within this growing sector with leading participants such as:

Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Undersecretariat of The Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade
World Steel Association
Iron and Steel Producers Association of Turkey
Rolling Mills Union of Turkey
General Secretariat of Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters Association
Stainless Steel Producers and Businessmen Association of Turkey
Stainless Steel Development Association of Turkey
The Scientific And Technological Resource Council of Turkey
Arab Steel
Iranian Iron & Steel Society
Indian Metalurgical Institute

The Chairman of TBA will also give a speech on the Macroeconomics of Turkey on the 1st day of the summit. All TBA members who would like to participate in the event will receive a special discount. Please email to info@turkishbankers.org should you like to attend.

For more information please click the link on our website or simply via: http://www.ebysummits.com/annual-regional-iron-steel-investment-summit/

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